Free Lunch!

There IS such thing as a free lunch!

My name is Darren and I am the founder of Rise Local. I spend most of my time speaking with business owners about how they can grow their business. I have done the hard work of growing my own businesses (a few times now) and have worked with dozens of clients and helped them to grow their business.

I love talking business. I really love hearing about other businesses and learning what is special about them.

So, here’s the deal. I will buy you lunch, you can ask any questions you like about how to improve your marketing and I will be an open book. No holding back. If I see an opportunity to grow your business I will tell you, even if it means you pursue a strategy different to what we offer through my business.

At worst you will enjoy a free lunch by the beach. At best, you could pick up a marketing idea that transforms your business. You can’t lose!

Ok, there are a couple of conditions:

  1. You are a business owner or senior manager
  2. You are a service business, we work particularly well with Trades, Home Service, Auto Service and Health Professional businesses
  3. Your revenue is more than $500,000 per year. You likely have 5 or more staff.
  4. The lunch is at Watergrill Cronulla
  5. This is a one-on-one lunch and you can order whatever you want. While happy to buy a few drinks I can’t send you home rolling drunk!

Ready to grow your business? Then let me buy you lunch. Just compete the form below.