Big Changes to Google Rankings Coming in April 2015

riselocal_mobileGoogle has announced big changes to the way they will rank websites in their Organic search rankings. This applies only to the Organic search results they deliver to people on mobile devices (phones, ipads etc.)

Bottom line: action is required. You need to run a quick test to see if your website meets Google’s new standards.

Go to this page and enter your website address. Google will tell you if your website is mobile friendly or not.

If your website passes the test no more action is required. You are all set for the changes coming on 21 April.

If your website does not pass the test then you need to consider fixing it. From 21 April your website may be penalised in Google’s Organic search results on mobile devices.

What is changing?

Google is changing the way it ranks websites in it’s search results on mobile devices. If a website is not mobile-friendly then Google does not want to send its users to that website as they are likely to have a frustrating experience.

Here is Google’s announcement of the changes.

What needs to be done?

If your website passes the mobile-friendly test then you are ok and no further action is required.

If your website does not pass the test then note down Google’s recommendations. You will need to decide if the problems are easily fixed on your current website, or if you will need to invest in a new website. We can help with this. Contact us and set up a time to talk by phone.

We are seeing a big increase in the number of people accessing websites on mobile devices. For some businesses more than 50% of their website traffic is from people on mobile devices.

Being found on a mobile can be very important. You need to test your website and make the necessary changes.