Free Marketing Tips

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is an online mapping application that allows users to get directions and view aerial and street level images of locations.  Google offers local business the chance to connect with customers in their local area. Local businesses can list with Google Maps for free. Google now displays Google Maps listings when people search for […]

Twitter Positioning Itself As Local Media

Twitter is increasingly moving into the Local Media space. Their latest announcement is interesting for local business as people will be able to include “place” information in their tweets. The details are still a little sketchy but Tweeters will be able to show where their tweet has come from. This could facilitate real time conversations […]

Industry Directories

Once you have listed your business with at least 5 general directories, it is also worth listing in relevant industry directories. The benefits of listing in industry directories are much the same as for listing in local directories. Be sure to list only in relevant directories. If you try and list a plumbing business in […]

Local Directories

After listing in at least 5 general business directories, you should also look for any directories that specialize in your local area. Local directories can build a strong following in certain parts of Australia and your business could benefit from listing with them. Here is a sample of local directories: Easy Find Guide – Queesland […]

Why List in Business Directories?

Business directories are websites that allow businesses to list themselves by category and include relevant business details like address, phone number, description of services and so on. People can search for products and services and connect with providers in their local area Business directories are useful for promoting your business. In fact, even if you […]