Digital Marketing

Google’s My Business

Summary Google has launched a new local business dashboard called My Business. If you already have a Google+ listing you don’t need to do anything. My Business makes it easy to manage the data Google holds for your business. My Business helps small businesses connect with their local market. What are Google up to now? […]

Local Business On Mobile Devices

This infographic from the US explains why it is crucial for local businesses to be easily found on mobile devices. There are still a huge number of Australian businesses who have a website that does not play well with mobile phones. Failure to connect with your audience on mobiles equals lost leads and sales. Infographic […]

Dude, Where’s My Keyword?

In late September 2013 Google announced that all Google searches would be secured. That means that you can no longer track which organic keywords delivered visitors to your website. It is a pretty big deal but has been coming for a while. For a couple of years now in Google Analytics we have seen the […]

The Power of a Backlink

UPDATE: 25 June 2013 Now ranking #1 for target search term. One good backlink and some social love (Facebook likes and Twitter retweets) go a long way. (Click image to enlarge) The practice of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has gone through some big changes in recent years. The old techniques of gaming the search engines […]

The New Face of SEO

A brilliant infographic from Fuzz One Media in the UK. Illustrates the changing face of SEO. The days of trying to “game” search engines like Google are over. Today what makes sense from a Marketing perspective also makes sense from a SEO perspective. It is what we tell all our clients – good marketing is […]

Facebook Search is Coming

Facebook today announced it is moving onto Google’s turf by offering Search capabilities to Facebook users. However this will be a different kind of Search. Rather than typing in a search term and receiving a list of links to relevant results, Facebook will answer queries with an answer. The answer will be based on what others in […]

Dominating in Google

Is it possible for small businesses to dominate Google results for relevant search terms?  You bet. Here is an example of Google domination by a tyre retailer in Sydney’s south.  A search for “tyres kirrawee” on Google produces 6 direct results and 3 indirect results for Tubby’s Tyrepower. Tubbys are one of three tyre retailers […]

Group Buying in Australia

What is Group Buying?   Group Buying refers to a collective effort to receive a reduced price on a product or service. It is also known as social buying. Group Buying has captured the imagination of Australian consumers and businesses and is changing the face of small business marketing.  Businesses can use Group Buying to […]

Industry Directories

Once you have listed your business with at least 5 general directories, it is also worth listing in relevant industry directories. The benefits of listing in industry directories are much the same as for listing in local directories. Be sure to list only in relevant directories. If you try and list a plumbing business in […]

Local Directories

After listing in at least 5 general business directories, you should also look for any directories that specialize in your local area. Local directories can build a strong following in certain parts of Australia and your business could benefit from listing with them. Here is a sample of local directories: Easy Find Guide – Queesland […]

Why List in Business Directories?

Business directories are websites that allow businesses to list themselves by category and include relevant business details like address, phone number, description of services and so on. People can search for products and services and connect with providers in their local area Business directories are useful for promoting your business. In fact, even if you […]