How To Grow Your Practice #2: Google Adwords for Psychologists

Google makes over $50 billion per year and almost all of it comes from business advertising. Businesses only pay Google when someone clicks on their ad; that is they pay for success, not just exposure. $50 billion worth of clicks equals a lot of business success.

You might question whether or not advertising on Google is right for your practice. But first, here is a short video describing what Google Adwords actually is.

When you advertise on Google you pay only for success. That is, when someone clicks on your ad. That is an important difference with traditional advertising where you pay for exposure, regardless of how many people actually take action and connect with your practice.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that advertising on Google is based on keywords. When someone searches on Google they are announcing their need by the words they enter into the search box. They might also announce the location of their desired solution.

Consider the search query “psychologist in Bondi”. The person searching has announced their need – a psychologist – and their preferred location – Bondi. If you have a practice in Bondi you want to be able to connect with this person.

Ideally, you want your website to appear in the regular organic listings on Google. But this is not possible for every search query.  Our psychologist in Bondi would also want to connect with people who search for:

  • psychologist Bronte

  • treatment for anxiety in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

  • marriage counsellor near Clovelly

  • … and many other potential search queries.

A Google Adwords campaign can be carefully crafted to connect with people in your target area who are searching for your services. Done well, it can be an extremely effective form of  advertising.

So how much could you expect to pay?

Google charge a fee when someone clicks on your ad. The fee charged is called the “cost per click” and is calculated by live auction. The cost per click is determined by the maximum limit you place on your costs, your competitors activity and the relevance of your ad to what the user is searching for. In our experience psychologists in Australia can expect to pay $1.50 to $3.50 per click.  Compare that cost to the value of a new client to your practice and you can see that there is potential for a very strong return on investment.


Ready to Test Google Adwords for Your Practice?

Rise Local can contribute a $100 voucher to a Google Adwords trial for your practice. Our trials last 14 days and quickly deliver results.  Leave your details below to get more information on how to get your trial started.