How To Grow Your Practice #3: Return On Investment for Psychologists

Your first step into online marketing is the toughest one. Like anything new, that which we don’t properly understand gives rise to hesitation, procrastination and inaction. We may miss an opportunity but that is nothing compared to falling on our face!

One way to cut through this hesitation is to properly define the opportunity. Put some numbers to it. Make a decision based on analysis.

With that in mind I have created a Return On Investment (ROI) worksheet for Psychologists. You can use the worksheet to calculate the possible returns from advertising on Google.  It is very easy to use:

1. Download and open the Excel spreadsheet

2. Add your values in 4 cells (marked yellow)

3. The worksheet does the rest and calculates your Return on Investment.

If you could invest $100 to get $200 back within a year, would you do it?  That’s a ROI of 100%.

How about investing $100 to get $500 back within a year? That’s a ROI of 400%. It’s also a no-brainer, right?

Use the worksheet to get an estimate of the ROI you could achieve by using Google’s advertising platform.


Download by clicking on this link: Adwords_ROI_Worksheet_RiseLocal


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