Interview with Mitch Kenney of Colepepper Services – Zero to $2m to Two Years

Our favourite Plumbing marketing expert, John Nelson, interviewed Mitch Kenney of Colepepper Services in San Diego, USA.

Mitch has grown his revenue from zero to $2.5m in just two years. Watch the full interview here to learn how he did it.


Here are the highlights of the interview.


Ideal Customer & USP

  • Defining the ideal customer and unique selling point.
  • Mitch is testing “better warranties” as his unique selling point.


Profitable Customers

  • Proactive selling to convert more leads into jobs.
  • Lifetime value of a client. Not focusing on the marketing cost per job, but per customer. May lose money on the first job for a customer but focus on repeat business and make profit over the lifetime of the customer relationship.
  • Uses outbound calls to stay in contact with customers. Sends thank you cards after a job.
  • Talks about three cycles in the customer experience – Before, During and After – a job. Important to put budget into “After” to secure te repeat business.


Google Home Services

  • Note, Google Home Services not in Australia at time of writing but likely to be rolled out here at some stage.
  • “Home Advisor” in the US is equivalent of lead-generation businesses like HiPages, OneFlare and Service Seeking in Australia
  • “Speed is the new currency” – fast to answer calls, fast to get to a job.


Online Reviews

  • “Reviews are the new word of mouth”
  • Tradies request reviews from all customers, in the home
  • Dealing with bad reviews on Yelp


Hiring Plumbers

  • 0 to 15 trucks in two years – how do you find good people?
  • New hire shows up late on first day – what do you do?
  • Need guys who can do plumbing and selling. Not easy though.
  • “Always be hiring”
  • Run ads in many places. $500 bonus for successful employee referrals.
  • Develop a Unique Selling Proposition for hiring and use it in job ads. Mitch uses “No On-Call” to attract plumbers – “guys love that”.