Interview with S&D Plumbing

Here is an interview with S&D Plumbing, from Texas USA. The interview was conducted by an agency in the US we partner with, PlumberSEO.

In the interview you will hear the owner of S&D Plumbing, Dan Dowdy, speaking about how they grew their annual revenue from $3m to $4m over three years by ratcheting up their digital marketing strategy.

There are some great tips and ideas in here for any Aussie plumbing business.



Key Quotes:

Our approximate revenue is 4.1 million. I would say at this point, 50 percent of our revenue comes from our residential and commercial service, and the other 50 percent comes from our leak detection and large dig type work.


Year to year we consistently running a net profit somewhere between 20 and 25 percent.


I talked to customers that I go out and meet sometimes. I ask them, “How did you hear about us?” They may be an hour away from Taylor. They’re like, “The ads kept typing in water house re-pipe and you’ll keep popping up first in the list. I went to Angie’s List and you all had good reviews.”

It’s cool to hear that type of stuff. It proves that having the right search words for Google and different websites like that is capturing our most profitable business. It’s paid off for sure.


I found that I needed to invest more money in my paper click campaign and then also invest more money in my direct mail marketing. That’s one thing that I was missing out on. That’s why this year, we’re cranking the program up. I’m backing off the radio for now.


I would say as far as reviews go — I’m speaking for everybody — it’s a scary part of the business because not everything goes perfect. We all want to have great reviews. The most important thing to do with your reviews, no matter what business you’re in, is make sure you are responding to every single review.


Josh: What would you say, out of all these things you’re doing, what marketing efforts tend to drive the most leads for you?

Dan: At this point, probably our SEO type of work. Hitting those key words. Picking up those customers. That’s probably the biggest return on investment I have going on right now.


Eventually we do want to be a $10 million company a year. The main thing is allowing for your employees to see that there is potential for growth in your company.