No More Marketing Waste. Track the Source of Every Phone Call.

many hands holding mobile phones

You are busy. Really busy. There are so many tasks a business owner has to manage. As soon as you put one fire out, another has flared up.

You probably have some sort of marketing program in place. It may even be performing reasonably well. But do you know exactly how it is performing? If you are not tracking the marketing source of every incoming call to your business, then you are guaranteed to be wasting some part of your marketing budget.

You need to be tracking all your leads. Which means you need Call Tracking. By accurately tracking all your incoming phone calls, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your marketing, which means more leads without spending more dollars.

Why do I need Call Tracking?

If your business relies on new customers calling you to book an appointment, then you have a great opportunity to track all those calls and understand exactly which parts of your marketing are working and which aren’t.

With Call Tracking you can properly measure the performance of your marketing agency, you can keep them honest, and you will know exactly where to allocate your budget.

What is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking is software that is used to track incoming phone calls to your business. It can attribute a call to the marketing channel that a person used to find you. For example, if someone searches on Google, clicks on your ad and then calls you, we will attribute that call to your Google Adwords campaign.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call Tracking is provided by specialized call tracking companies. They have technology that allows them to track people on your website when they pick up a phone and call you. They then hook their software into Google Analytics and we can see your Leads right there in the Google Analytics reports.

Next Steps

If you are going to implement Call Tracking, you do have to invest some money in it, but the costs have fallen dramatically. As a rule of thumb, if your total online marketing budget is over $1500 per month then you should be using call tracking. The benefits will quickly outweigh the costs.

If you want to learn more about how you can use Call Tracking to make your marketing much more efficient, then contact me with any questions you have. You can send your questions by email or we can set up a phone call. If you are spending $1500 or more per month on your online marketing then you absolutely must have call tracking in place. Without call tracking, I can guarantee you are wasting some part of your marketing budget but you don’t know which part.

So drop me an email or request a call today to discuss your options.