Why Should Psychologists Promote Online?

While there are thousands of psychologists in Australia, the demand for psychological services is strong and growing.  For psychologists who want to expand their practice, there is a window of opportunity to utilise the Internet and grow quickly.

According to the Psychology Board of Australia there are over 30,000 registered psychologists in Australia (March 2013). That’s 1 psychologist for every 733 people in the country.

According to Google there are a huge number of queries for psychological services on it’s search engine every month. The list below shows Australian search volume on Google for queries that included the relevant keyword:

  • “psychology”    301,000 /month
  • “mental health”  246,000 /month
  • “psychologist”  135,000 /month
  • “anger management” 33,100 /month
  • “counsellor” 27,100 /month
  • “clinical psychologist” 6,600 /month

Google also reports on the change in search volume over time. The chart below shows searches for “psychologist” in Australia are up over 100% since 2008.