What is WordPress?

WordPress began as an open source, free blogging platform but has evolved into a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) that can accommodate the needs of a wide variety of businesses, big and small.

Whether you need multimedia capability, syndication, social networking features or a secure  e-commerce solution anything is possible with the plethora of free and paid plugins that are constantly developed and updated for WordPress.

What is open source?

Open source software (OSS) is licensed with an open source licence that means the source code is readily available and the software is free to everyone to use for any purpose. It is common for open source software to be developed collaboratively by a community of interested developers.

Why WordPress is a good choice for your business

  1. Considerable Savings: Because WordPress is open source you will never pay licensing fees and the cost of developing the platform to suit your business will be considerably lower. You can also make use of the thousands of plugins that have been made by a global developer community.
  2. A User Friendly CMS at your Fingertips: WordPress is very easy to use. It can be modified with plugins and even people with no technical knowledge are able to create fantastic websites with extensive functionality.
  3. Well Established: WordPress is here to stay and with an impressive record to date and a large development community constant improvements and upgrades are available at no cost.
  4. Flexibility: There is no limit to the features that you can add to your website to keep up with the current trends including e-commerce, social media and mobile compatibility.
  5. Search Engine Friendly: Be seen with WordPress and its inbuilt Search Engine Optimisation functionality.

Websites that Excel Using WordPress

There are so many examples of awesome websites that use WordPress as a CMS, have a look at some of these:

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