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The Case Study below describes the results Rise Local has achieved with Fluid Plumbing Services.

Fluid Plumbing Services – A partnership achieving outstanding growth

An effective digital marketing strategy is an absolute necessity for home services businesses like plumbers and electricians. If you don’t appear on the first page of Google and other digital channels as a reputable local company, then it’s highly likely that you’re missing out on a lot of business.

Over the past two-and-a-half years Rise Local has worked with David Mikkelsen from Fluid Plumbing Services on a hugely successful digital marketing strategy that has resulted in:

Customer enquiries increasing from 140 to 500 a month, revenue up 2.5 times, the doubling of employee numbers, and vans on the road increasing from 7 to 23.

So, how did Rise Local‘s proven digital marketing strategies help this outstanding plumbing company achieve exceptional results? Our case study highlights some key strategies and outcomes, along with David’s insights into his effective partnership with our company.

Fluid Plumbing Services

Fluid Plumbing Services had been established on the Central Coast for 20 years when Director David Mikkelsen saw an opportunity to redirect the business from property maintenance to focusing on servicing residential customers. He also wanted to grow the business and expand into new areas like Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

David acknowledged that an active expansion strategy would require a new marketing focus with digital taking the lead and supporting traditional marketing tactics like letterbox drops, car signage, sponsorship and radio ads.

The strategy also depended on building trust online in Fluid Plumbing’s expertise and approach to customer service, with David commenting, “It was important that Fluid Plumbing’s digital presence presented the company as a professional and reliable organisation.”

Rise Local’s brief two-and-a-half years ago was to develop the right digital strategies to help David meet his targets. Using their proven Precision Marketing Method, Rise Local’s Darren Urquhart worked with David on strategies that have not only achieved outstanding financial results, they have also become integrated into operational and employee development activities.


Defining and segmenting customers

One element of the strategy involved segmenting Fluid Plumbing’s customers into groups so that targeted marketing and sales messages would appear in front of the right people at the right time – converting prospects into customers and saving the company money.

In Fluid Plumbing’s case, prospects and customers were broken up as:

Power Customers who search for Fluid Plumbing by name because they were loyal customers or because they were already aware of the company’s strong reputation.

Active Customers who had a plumbing emergency, like a blocked drain, and searched online for a local plumber using Google.

This is where Rise Local’s paid and unpaid digital strategies were important because 90% of people don’t search past the first page of Google.

Converting these customers also included ensuring that Fluid Plumbing had strong, ‘5 star’ online customer reviews across all their digital channels, including 3rd party sites and social media.

Future Prospects who may need the services of Fluid Plumbing at a later time. The company’s strong digital presence works in conjunction with other marketing methods like car signage, hard copy marketing and community involvement to ensure that Fluid Plumbing remains top of mind for future customers.

Rise Local also employed strategies to ensure that ads weren’t shown to people who are never going to use Fluid Plumbing’s services, ensuring that digital spend was not wasted.
Defining and marketing to the right market segments not only increased the success of Fluid Plumbing’s digital spend, it also encouraged customer engagement, loyalty and brand reputation.

In fact, David believes that “marketing spend has remained at the same percentage of revenue over the past three years”, indicating the significant value of the right digital strategies to the company.

Some key elements of the digital strategy

David believes that digital advertising and marketing is vital to the company’s success, supporting and grounding traditional marketing methods.

When broken down, several elements combine to achieve Fluid Plumbing’s strong and effective digital footprint:

Google Ads

Keyword research is important in determining what words customers are typing into Google when they are looking for a plumber in the region that Fluid Plumbing targets. Google Ads now account for 40% of website enquiries for emergency plumbing services like blocked drains.

Customer Testimonials, building trust and employee growth

Rise Local has helped David and his team to obtain customer reviews that are crucial to building trust. David believes that “Google reviews are a really effective marketing tool when people are searching for an emergency plumber they can trust.”

To help systemise the process, Rise Local set up an automated procedure for getting Fluid Plumbing customers to leave reviews after completed jobs, feeding those reviews to other digital assets like the website, social media, Google reviews and Facebook.

Seeing how effectively online reviews worked in the company’s favour, David further developed systems and introduced incentives to encourage the plumbing staff to “actively engage with customers and to ask for feedback” and to educate customers that their views are really valued, commenting “We’ve found people are happy to leave Google reviews – if they know how.”

Well written content

Optimising Fluid Plumbing’s website also involved making sure that web pages and blog posts were well written and related to what people were searching for when they needed a plumber or when they needed information about plumbing.

Fluid Plumbing’s blog post “7 Tips for Clearing a Blocked Drain” now appears on the highly competitive 1st page of Google Australia-wide, ranking above listings for other plumbing companies providing this service.

So, if an Active Customer is looking online for someone to clear a blocked drain in the area that Fluid Plumbing services, not only will Fluid’s ad appear at the top of the first page of Google, but their blog content, coupled with their strong star rating will appear there as well.

Tracking and reporting on results

The beauty of the digital marketing measurement tools used by Rise Local is that clients like Fluid Plumbing can gauge the effectiveness of the strategies in real time. David can now track the numbers and understand what is going on with his digital marketing, wherever he is.

Rise Local also supplies regular and easy to understand reports that highlight the effectiveness of the Precision Marketing Method. As any business owner knows, tracking and reporting on spend is a key element of business management and in turn success.

Call tracking is also used by Fluid Plumbing to ensure they know where their calls are coming from online, again measuring the effectiveness of the particular ad.

The Impact of Rise Local’s Involvement

The strategies employed by Rise Local have been integrated into David’s business operations with staff growth, development and KPIs tied to customer service, reviews and results. David believes that “Over the three-year period the number of staff employed by Fluid Plumbing has doubled and their personal confidence has grown exponentially.”

Where to from here

The strategies that assisted Fluid Plumbing market to new customer segments and achieve significant business growth will continue to be developed, measured and modified to market the company’s services in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle regions.

To find out how Rise Local can assist your business with proven digital marketing strategies, get in touch with us today for an obligation free consultation.