Your Google Analytics Reports Are Disappearing. Action Required.


Google Analytics is changing. 

In fact, the version you are currently using is disappearing and a whole new product is taking its place.

If you rely on Google Analytics to understand how your website is performing and to measure your return on investment from marketing, then you need to hear this.

From 1 July 2023 the current version of Google Analytics will stop working. The product replacing it is called GA4. 

You may be thinking, great, I have until the middle of next year to make the change. But if you analyze trends in your data over time then you need to get GA4 up and running now.

We compare marketing performance this month with the same time last year to measure increases in the leads created. But to do that from July 2023, we need to be collecting data in July 2022.

So we have been installing GA4 for all our clients since last year. 

If you don’t have GA4 set up then you will have no historical data in the system when you are forced to shift in July 2023.

So that means right now, you need to be running your existing Google Analytics tracking AND the new GA4 tracking. They can both collect data at the same time, without creating any problems.

If you would like to learn more about these changes please book a call with Darren.