Using Video to Connect With More Leads

Video is a highly effective way of connecting with more leads. But before you wonder about the cost of production, or break out into a sweat about facing a camera, I can assure you it can be inexpensive and will not require you to step in front of a camera.

There are different types of video that can be used to promote your business. A high quality video that requires a professional camera and sound set-up, lighting, script, interviews and editing is one approach. But that is not what I am talking about here.

What we want is a video that can rank on Google. Videos will show up on a Google results page with a thumbnail sized image beside the listing. The presence of the image draws the users eye to that listing on the Google page.

The type of video we need to achieve this is not complicated or expensive. We can produce a video like this one for your business and load it onto your website and onto YouTube.

Videos are an effective method of delivering information to a visitor on your website. Rather than asking the visitor to read blocks of text, a video allows them to sit back and learn about your business through a visual presentation.

Some key tips for these videos:

  • Keep it short, about 1 to 2 minutes

  • Focus on a particular part of your service. Don’t try and cram your whole story into one video

  • Storyboard your video. Lead the viewer through a story and include a “call to action” at the end (for example “Call Us Now”).

  • Use high quality images

  • Use legally copyrighted music

  • Select music that matches your subject matter

  • Publish the video on your website with the proper meta tags and markup so that Google recognizes it as a video and ranks it for the correct keywords

  • Publish the video to your YouTube channel and include a link back to your website

  • Promote your video via your social accounts – Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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